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Program run by the Students of Materials-Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is intended to achieve agenda of the internationalization of UTM as well as strengthening cooperation and promoting the spirit of togetherness in the academic and cultural fields between the two universities involved. .

Friday, January 6, 2012

Prayer Time

Assalamualaikum everyone!
Here are the prayer times schedule during our programme.

Please do remember that South Korea is earlier 1 hour than Malaysia.
for example: if 2pm in Malaysia is then in South Korea would be 3pm.

Prayer Times Schedule
Month: 2/2012, 3-4 / 1433 A.H
Location: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Calculation Method: Muslim World League
Juristic Method: Standard

DayFebruary    Hijri   Fajr  Sunrise  Dhuhr  AsrMaghribIsha
  Wed19/36:077:3612:46  3:345:557:20
  Thu210/36:067:3512:46  3:355:567:21
  Fri311/36:057:3412:46  3:365:587:22
  Sat412/36:047:3312:46  3:375:597:23
  Sun513/36:047:3312:46  3:386:007:24
  Mon614/36:037:3212:47  3:396:017:25
  Tue715/36:027:3112:47  3:406:027:26
  Wed816/36:017:3012:47  3:406:037:27
  Thu917/36:007:2912:47  3:416:047:28
  Fri1018/35:597:2812:47  3:426:057:29
  Sat1119/35:587:2712:47  3:436:067:30
  Sun1220/35:577:2512:47  3:446:077:31
  Mon1321/35:577:2412:47  3:456:097:32
  Tue1422/35:557:2312:47  3:456:107:33
  Wed1523/35:547:2212:47  3:466:117:34

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

T Shirt Design


Majority of GOP members have agreed (during last meeting on 23rd December 2011) to use Plain Polo Shirt. And these are the design.

Please vote either black or white.

Material : Lacoste Polo
Size :
S (yus)
M (fadil)